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The Mind Detox
The Four Month Yoga-Ayurveda Intensive

 This is a journey of unbinding the mind and opening the heart.  It's the yoga training that enables you to BE your Light without apology so others may recognize the light within themselves.  Remember, it's not about becoming something "more" it's about resting comfortably in the divinity we already are

"As your mind, so is your world" ~Lao Tszu

What can be more important than being free from the constant push and pull of the mind's whimsical nature, of its impulsiveness, and inner critic?  Training the mind is the most important training you'll ever do and if you're a yogi, it's a must!

If you were to consider how the mind is a collection of automated patterns, beliefs, impulsive desires, and emotional triggers all bouncing off one another as randomly as a ball in a pinball machine, how much of your choices and emotions would you consider are genuine vs a mere reaction?  How much of your power would you consider you're giving away?

The Mind Detox gives you the core principles of Yoga & Ayurveda to have more control, a connected heart and balance in life.  

Every Great Master of any tradition has shared the #1 thing to master is the mind.  Without this we are powerless.

The Mind Detox is a Four Month program that translates the core principles of Yoga Psychology and Ayurveda into real-life actionable tools and guides you step-by-step in mastering them to:

*  Strengthen & immensely improve your relationships
*  Know how to resolve what stops you
*  Know how to communicate effectively & have greater influence

*  Get more of what you want in life

*  Dissolve limiting beliefs and stay aligned with your values
*  How to be “you” without apology & live with confidence

Here life itself is your training ground.  It's putting us in direct contact with ourselves and hence discovering how to apply Yoga & Ayurveda within the nitty gritty of every area of our life. OM!!!

"In essence, this course is about freeing ourselves from all the ways we bind our heart.  It's enabling us to live from our soul-connection with more grace, ease, and confidence" ~ Sasha


"This program will drastically change your life for the better - guaranteed! What sets Chivito's program apart is his ability to make these concepts tangible and applicable to your everyday life yielding immediate benefits. Your ability live a balanced, authentic, blissful, grounded life will be yours for the taking. This really is wisdom you become ... It's part of you and you will have the power and tools to manifest what your soul desires."   ~ Lena Mother  & Yoga Enthusiast Kirkland WA   

This isn't knowledge you learn, it's wisdom you become

The mind detox is equivalent to a yoga teacher training meaning it is an intensive training.  It's easy to train the body.  However, because we're always looking out our own eyes, unaware of our conditioned beliefs, patterns, and triggers, training the mind takes more focus and a solid map.  Here the training ground isn't on your mat or in a yoga studio but directly within every part of your life.  The Mind Detox gives you the Yoga-Mind Training and shows you how to apply it directly in every life situation.   It's how you respond and interact within your relationships.  It's how you react or respond to stressful situations.  It's being able to stay on a desired course whether it's a diet, exercise routine or lifestyle.  It's comfortably resting within your sacred Self knowing how to stay balanced and grounded amongst the roller coaster of life.  As you learn these simple principles you discover how you have more control, confidence, and ease as these areas of life improve in REAL-TIME.  It's like magic!

In other words, this is an application based training.  Each module builds upon the previous establishing a powerful foundation that will give you more control, balance, and connection within every area of your life.

You'll be shown:

  1. Core principles
  2. How to apply these directly within your life
  3. We challenge you to apply it
  4. Show you how to gauge your results as you do 

We provide the training that provides tangible results.  It's physics.  You do "x" and you'll get "y"!

Here's What Each Module Entails
 Module 1:  The Divine Self

In Module one, you jump right in as we show you how to step into a connected, grounded, and heart centered space on demand, espeically when you're feeling thrown off balance.  Hence you become empowered, firmly connected with your truth and able to act rather than react.  This is one of the core skills of yoga seldom taught.
  Module 2:  Healthy Boundaries for the Heart & Soul

Imagine if the people in your life naturally moved to support you, encourage you, and provide the space you need for you.  Imagine having the time for the things that nourished you on a soul level on a regular basis.  In this module you learn how to establish some basic healthy boundaries and communicate them in such a way others naturally move to support you.  You learn some of the key principles in Yoga & Ayurveda that excelerate your growth and breathe balance into your life.
Module 3:  Taking Back Your Mind

Here you take your first step in reclaiming your power of choice.  You become confident in your ability to break free from adverse emotional states or thought patterns and hence act from a place of clarity and inner confidence. You learn how to maintain what is called "The Observer" so you may respond rather than react.  Advanced Yogi’s know this yet it is seldom taught and it's one of the most essential yoga skills every yogi must have.  
  Module 4:  Getting off Auto-pilot

Gain freedom from emotional reactions, impulsive choices, and limiting thought patterns stuck on auto-replay.  Have you ever noticed how you have certain triggers that create an automated response that leads you down a path of thinking and in turn creates certain emotional and mental states?  Have you noticed how we  react and base our choices and desires from these states? Imagine the freedom to stay unaffected by these triggers!  You become grounded in your ability to pause before reacting, see things as they are, and act from a clear and heart centered state.  
  Module 5:  Liberate yourself from Limiting Beliefs

“Release me from me, for it’s only me that is binding me.”

Here you identify limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns.  Studies overwhelmingly show the only difference between one who struggles in life and one who thrives is their belief system.  Why do we attract the kind of relationships we do?  Why do we seem unable to make the changes or growth we want?  Discover which beliefs are adversely influencing your relationships, health, finances, and life pursuits.  Learn how to transcend them.  

  Module 6:  Improve your relationships

Take the steps that immediately improve all your relationships.  You learn how to attract the quality relationships you want in your life that feed you on a heart and soul level. You also learn how to improve your current relationships.  Ayurveda breaks this down in a very simple common sense formula anyone can apply and see immediate improvements in their relationships.
 Module 7:  Words that Liberate

The great yoga masters knew every word has great power. Your language directly affects your perceived reality and dictates how effective you are. Our words literally shape our world and in this module you learn the language patterns to have greater influence with yourself and others, to resolve what stops you and gracefully get more of what you want in any area of your life. 
  Module 8:  Harnessing the Power of Mind

Now that your mind is free, you have your power of choice.  Now that you can comfortably rest within yourself and draw from your inner strength, you learn how to harness this empowered space and effortlessly manifest your life that it supports, encourages and fuels this divine inner state.

Here you harness the power of the mind and establish exactly how to manifest, create, and get the results/experiences you want in your life.  This is the key principle that separates those who are constantly struggling and those who are excelling in life.
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  This is a journey of unbinding the mind and opening the heart.  It's the yoga training that enables you to BE your Light without apology so others may recognize the light within themselves.  Remember, it's not about becoming something "more" it's about resting comfortably in the divinity we already are

This is an online training program that includes personal support by Chivito Cowa and Mentors who've already gone through the program and are now helping pay it forward for others. 

It Includes:

1.  A Simple and Clear online format so you know exactly where you are and what's coming next.
2.  Tutorial videos, guided meditations, worksheets & articles you can access from anywhere at anytime
3.  Online Forum lead by Chivito to stay connected daily, receive inspired posts, and share your experiences with each other
4.  Complete support.  You’re supported every step of the way.  You have access to Chivito and others who’ve gone through this process who are fully committed to your journey.  We are here to ensure you get the results you set out to achieve 

Start at anytime, go at your own pace, get extra support when you need it!

It’s super simple
*  You login to your course from any device
*  Receive a new module every 7  to 14 days
*  Watch the videos and Complete worksheets that tailor the content to you
specifically. You’re shown how to apply it and gauge your results in real-time
*  Apply it directly in your day
*  Stay connected with the Daily Forum and Weekly Calls
*  Get regular support from your personal support team as you continue to excel  

This Four-Month Online workshops guides you step-by-step so you easily master each level.  We provide you the tools, show you how to apply it and how to gauge your results.  It's a path of mastery.


"Chivito's program empowers you to live from a place of love (our natural resting state) rather than fear. Empower is the key word here. He gives us the tools to design our life; moment to moment, day by day to create the life we desire from this place of allowance. I have experienced tremendous growth in my life since working with Chivito. He truly cares and wants to give back. I recommend his program to anyone!"  ~ Lorraine  Yoga Teacher Kirkland WA

Did You Know We Guarantee Results?    We offer a 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Who is this course for and who is not for?

This course is NOT for someone looking for inspirational quotes, affirmations or a passive theory based experience.

This course IS FOR those passionate about their Yoga Training and hungry to learn, grow, and sincerely evolve.

You can consider this course as equivalent to a Yoga Teacher Training Intensive.  This is hence for those who are ready to apply themselves, to bring this wisdom within them and become it.  It's for those who want to master the tools to become better human beings and live a heart centered life.  It's for those who want more control, balance, and connection in their life knowing what to do and when to do it.   It's for those who are passionate about helping others and want to share something above and beyond the norm that provides real and immediate results.


"I can't express enough how gifted Chivito Cowa is at helping individuals discover their own voice, their true desires, and their life vision. The Mind Detox Course guides you so seamlessly through identifying your own barriers and how easy it is for you to annihilate them. I have so many "tools" in my toolbox now for getting out of my own way, so I can live the life that thrills and inspires me. 
 I have never missed a learning opportunity with Chivito these last 7 years, each one building on the last and always providing me more room to grow and thrive! I feel forever fortunate to have someone like Chivito share his gifts and knowledge with me."Thank you so, so much  Chivito Cowa !....Ladies, TAKE THIS COURSE! You won't regret it!"   ~  Niene, Film and TV Actress, dōTERRA Self-Care Educator

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Self-Study with Full Support

12 monthly installments of $97/month

  • Online Training Platform
  • 24/7 email support
  • Engaged like-minded community
Private Chat Room to stay connected 

Who is this for:
This level is for those who are self-motivated, like the option of going at their own speed, spending more time on specific modules as desired, or staying at pace.  A super effective level for those who want to really go deep in each new training while steadily progressing.

Mentor Level


12 monthly installments of $167/month

Includes All of Subscription PLUS:

2 monthly private sessions with a mentor who is a soul-sister who has gone through the program, had huge results and are now paying it forward.  They've been trained on how to mentor others and excited to guide you through your own powerful journey! It's such a gift to have such a friend & mentor by your side

Who is this for: 

This is for those who are self-motivated and would like that extra guidance of a soul-sister who has gone through the program, done their own inner work and can share from direct experience as a fellow sister.  Very powerful and wonderful level to participate on!

Devout Yogi Level

12 monthly installments of $291/month

Includes all of basic PLUS:
  • 9 private sessions with Chivito!!!
  • 24/7 Support & Sessions when you need them!

Who is this for:
This level is for those who want that expert guidance to really tailor everything to you specifically and streamline your training to get the most results.  This is for those who are driven with a specific vision and ready to make that vision a reality without a shadow of a doubt!