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All our sessions can be either in person or via phone sessions.  Both are very powerful.  We are honored to offer traditional Ayurveda services while integrating Yoga Psychology and Neuro-linguistics to provide a balanced approach of Eastern and Western modalities to provide you the tools and empower you in life.  

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Introductory Session

Though the knowledge and science of Yoga, Ayurveda, & Spirituality has been around for thousands of years, how it relates to you and your needs will always be unique.

It can be seen in a modern world of cookie cutter offerings it's essential to have genuine contact with someone who can not only translate the teachings to you specifically but guide you in the process of actually using it.

Begin with an introductory session to connect, share what you're looking to learn, gain, and evolve into and discover what is the best means for you to do so.   This is a FREE 30 minute session.  Email us as [email protected]  

Ayurveda Health Consultation  $150

As every "body" is unique with their own unique needs you can imagine the freedom you gain by learning exactly how to tailor diet, treatments, and activities to your body and mind specifically.  

This session can be used to address specific health concerns, to learn about what foods will serve you best or how you can reach specific health goals via Ayurveda.

You've probably noticed that Health isn't a "static" state but an ongoing process moment by moment.  Lets discover how to bring you into alignment and provide the frame of reference so you're empowered to put your health back in your hands.

You'll get to spend 60-90 minutes with Chivito in person or on the phone.

Email us at [email protected] and we'll provide a health questionnaire and opportunity to schedule.


Are you in Crisis or Need some Immediate support or guidance?                                            By Donation

Sometimes life events can be challenging both mentally and emotionally.  We all need support from time to time from someone outside our situation.  We're here for you whether you just need to talk through your emotions, need someone to ask you the right questions or simply provide a fresh perspective that gives you clarity, strength and direction.  Lets chat and we're happy to serve how ever best we can.

Email us at [email protected] to schedule.  This session is Free of charge and is to be used in times of need.  

A New Woman, A New Vision $150

This is a very powerful session for women who are at a significant place of change in your life.  You're ready for change but unsure of the next right steps.  You try to make changes but find yourself looped back in old patterns, relationships, financial or life situations.  You're ready for clarity direction and clear action steps to move into your vision!

You get to spend 60-90 minutes with Chivito in person or over the phone guiding you through a very powerful process where you will:

  1. Gain clarity with exactly what you want in any specific area of your life
  2. Discover what patterns and influences are at play in your life for better or worse
  3. Discover what road blocks and obstacles are responsible for derailing your progress or preventing you from truly making the changes you're craving to make
  4. Identify exactly how to navigate any influence or obstacles and leave with crystal clear map so you experience the confidence, clarity and inspired action steps to live your vision.

Chivito has a magical way of asking just the right questions, lovingly leading you to your own realizations so you're pulling from your inner strength. 

This session includes a 30 minute follow up session a week later to inspire accountability, dial you in and ensure you experience REAL movement.  We provide 100% guarantee with all our sessions!  We're 100% invested in you making the changes you're ready to make and here to support you!

Enroll Now!!!  Email us as [email protected].  We'll provide an empowering questionnaire and a link to schedule your session.  (Ask about the Private Day Retreat where you spend 4-5 hours, includes ritual, and situation specific training)

Private Yoga & Meditation Training $150

Chivito LOVES to share yoga and meditation and it is in these private sessions that you'll learn exactly what to do within the "Form" and be guided through the very specific layers of meditation and yoga development.  You'll be amazed by how much he's able to share that gives you more reign over your practice, how much clarity, direction you'll gain and the very specific "How" of navigating this sweet inner terrain.

You'll get to spend 2 hours with him during these training sessions.  They're interactive, application based, and super inspiring!

Break Through Session  $150

This session pulls together elements of A New Woman, A New Vision, the Karma Cleanse and other great tools!!! 

Have you ever just felt stuck and not sure what you're doing that's keeping you stuck.  This session can be applied to any area of life (business, health, relationships, finances, life in general...)  Perhaps you'll agree, sometimes we just need that outside view point and someone who can ask us just the right questions to confidently lead you so you're discovering your own answers, gaining clarity and strength to break through and experience more wof what you want.

These are very powerful sessions and includes a 30 minute followup session to ensure ease of follow through and provide that extra support! 

Email us at [email protected], Let us know a little about what you're experiencing and what you'd like to have.  We'll then send you a link to schedule your session


Chivito is so devout in his own practice, that he's able to perceive, perform, and recommend treatments from a completely present and highly atuned place. He's also an acutely open channel to his spirit guides and guru, making his prescribed care come not just from his own extensive expertise and experience, but from vast and higher sources as well. For the last year, I have had the pleasure and privelege to have chivito as my spiritual teacher, ayurveda practitioner, yoga instructor and massage therapist. Through his attention to detail, his ability to communicate and his big open heart, Chivito has awakened my own calling towards my highest state of consciousness; awakening to my highest good. He has been a continual and unyielding support and inspiration for me in carrying out, discovering and receiving my own practice. I am forever grateful for how his life of service has changed my life forever. This monk practices what he preaches! 


"I learned how to hold space for myself and communicate my needs within my relationship.  It was amazing how by shifting my "inner state" how it shifted our relationship immediately!  It opened a whole new dialogue that has allowed us to step back from reacting and begin relating together.  Thank you!"  Vanesa


"This event opened my eyes!  I had no idea how much I was giving my power away.  I'm so thankful for this event.  Chivito provides really simple and clear steps that changes how to look at your self-worth and holding you accountable to own your worth with such ease and grace.  I'm amazed how empowering it is to have someone share how worthy we really are and to own it."  ~ Natasha

WOW!!! is what I have to say! Only now do I know what it's like to feel normal, to feel balanced. I had Chivito work on me to address my shoulder. We had 7 consecutive sessions together. I had a lump the size of a golf ball in my shoulder that no one has been able to get rid of. Chivito has gotten rid of it. Chivito gives a great massage. I had him focus on my shoulder, but he worked my entire body just to address my shoulder. He said it's all connected and interdependent and during his massage I experienced this. again, Wow!!! 

" I had thought I was stating my needs to my husband.  I asked for his help with the kids and around the house again and again.  I never had time for myself and he'd somehow have time to go out with his buddies.  I discovered through this event how I was actually sabotaging my needs by not holding space for these needs to be met.  It makes so much sense NOW! The moment I applied this formula I noticed he began to follow through and actually help out. I'm amazed!!!" ~Gretchen