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Retreats & V.I.P

If you're to go deeper and want that personal attention we offer a few private retreats we call V.I.P days.  You can schedule a half-day, full day or even a weekend with Chivito Cowa.  Bring friends together for a powerful inspirational weekend or use this time for a personal retreat.  He can tailor to your interest and needs or you can choose from the below offerings.

5 day Meditation & Yoga Retreat

"I couldn't meditate for more than 10 minutes before!  Now I can meditate for 2 hours and it feels like only minutes have gone by.  This was incredible!"

You discover how to lovingly lead the mind into a state of meditation so you can experience these deep states consistently and on demand.  Meditation is a gift you give yourself.  During this retreat you're nurtured on a soul, heart, and mind level.  You're given the tools to not only meditate but to live mindfully and connected amongst the chaos of our modern age. OM!


  • How to Prepare the Mind before meditation
  • How to lovingly lead the mind into meditation
  • How to activate a mantra so you feel it's immediate effects
  • How to charge your breath so it activates a state of meditation
  • What to expect once you begin meditate and how to navigate the inner terrain with confidence
  • Techniques and rituals to stay connected and mindful when confronted with the stress of life.
  • PLUS great food, storytelling, and incredible like-minded souls

Reiki & Sacred Energetics 5 Day Retreat

A very healing & transformational retreat.  During this 5 day retreat you'll receive Reiki one & two initiation, discover other energy healing practices, understand principles of ritual, how to facilitate a Reiki session and have lots of practice giving and receiving.  

This retreat is full of incredible storytelling, great food, learning, healing, laughing and connecting.  Plus you'll learn powerful yet simple meditations for yourself and others, the principles to create more prosperity, discover  simple daily methods of keeping the magic alive and a natural part of you during our modern lives and family.  

Dates and Prices to be announced.  If you'd like to schedule this for your yoga studio, community or friends contact us at [email protected]


5 Day Ayurveda Immersion Retreat ~Rhythm and how of living Ayurveda

—Learn the skill of Ayurveda vs the theory… Learn simple daily rituals for self-care & balance, discover how to know what to do and when to do it with diet/food, know how to use spices and foods for greater balance, simple meditations, and how to step into a balance rhythm within our modern life.

—GREAT food, great stories, amazing views, easily applicable everyday tools

Dates, Location and Prices to be Announced:  If you'd like to schedule this for your own yoga studio or community contact us at [email protected]

Healing & Transformation through storytelling, dance, & laughter

A heart opening retreat that nourishes the soul and breaths new inspiration into life!  This is a 5 day retreat chalk full of incredible storytelling, delicious food, Meditation and Self reflection as you connect with amazing people.  Designed to nourish and inspire, you'll be artfully guided over the 5 days in connecting deeper with yourself, letting go of false beliefs, gaining new strength with your vision of life allowing your inner child to play, laugh, dance, and simply BE without all the distractions of life.  Come join us for a magical 5 days!

Dates, Location & Price to be announced for coming year.  If you'd like to schedule this retreat for your community contact us.

3 Day Youth & Parent Retreat

There often comes a time when the Parent-Child Relationship becomes strained.  The child is more rebellious, doesn't listen, and has a mind of their own.  The Parent isn't able to get across to their child.  Likewise the Child feels their Parent doesn't undertand them and they no longer trust they can communicate with them.  They feel the Parent wants to project their reality onto them and doesn't listen to who they are and what they're really experiencing.

In this three day retreat with your child (ages 12 - 16), you're able to break down the barriers between you as you both learn a new model of communicating, acknowledging, and sharing TOGETHER.  Through powerful storytelling, the mind lets down it's defensive guard and allows ourselves to be curious of our own situation and how we can better it.

During this retreat, together you'll learn:

  • Understanding Doshas (Ayurveda Body-types and how they manifest in us mentally, physically and emotionally)
  • How to Balance Parents Projection and Owning Child’s View
  • How to communicate (acknowledge, listen to understand, speak to be understood, how to bypass our triggers and communicate from a common reality vs projected reality.
  • Balance between accepting guidance (kid) and letting go of guiding/parenting (Parent)
  • Ecology… of over parenting/micromanaging and of not listening-child
  • Healing the child-parent relationship before all hell breaks loose and student enters rebellion stage

Dates, Location, Prices to be Announced for coming year.  If you'd like to schedule this for your community or as a private retreat, please contact us.

New Woman, New Vision


This is a very powerful retreat for women who are at a significant place of change in your life.  You're ready for change but unsure of the next right steps.  You try to make changes but find yourself looped back in old patterns, relationships, financial or life situations.  You're ready for clarity direction and clear action steps to move into your vision!

Connect with other women in a similar place and establish a strong inspired community of support.  Over this weekend full of great food, inspiring storytelling, dance, and laughter, you'll be guided through a very powerful process where you will:

  1. Paint a clear picture of exactly what you want in any specific area of your life
  2. Gain clarity with exactly where you are right now, what patterns and influences are at play and incite with the "why."
  3. Discover what road blocks and obstacles are responsible for derailing your progress or preventing you from truly making the changes you're craving to make
  4. Identify exactly how to navigate any influence or obstacles and leave with crystal clear map so you experience the confidence, clarity and inspired action steps to live your vision.

Chivito has a magical way of asking just the right questions, lovingly leading you to your own realizations so you're pulling from your inner strength. 

This Retreats includes a 60 minute follow up session a week later to inspire accountability, dial you in and ensure you experience REAL movement.  We provide 100% guarantee!  We're 100% invested in you making the changes you're ready to make and here to support you!

Enroll Now!!!  Email us as [email protected].  

Dates, Location, and Prices to Be announced

Totem Magic, Rituals, and

 going behind the Veil. 

Discover your totem and how to connect more deeply with animals and nature to read the signs constantly available to those who know how to look and listen.  You'll discover the art of ritual, the meaning of specific animals, how to call on your totem and connect more confidently with the Spirit World.

This is a very magical and inspiring retreat and is for those who want to have a deeper connection with animals and nature.  OM!

Dates, Location, and Prices to be announced.