Living Enlightenment Foundation

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ABOUT OUR PROGRAMS.     We offer programs ranging from introductory to full immersions.  All our programs are application base. This means they're focused on learning through doing.   You're provided the core principles and techniques, shown how to apply it AND how to gauge your results/progress in real-time.  "This isn't knowledge you learn, it's wisdom you become."  If you have any questions, contact us.

Deep Immersion & Mastery Programs

These are our deep immersion programs.  They provide you the personal guidance, coaching and training to truly live the wisdom you're learning so it naturally becomes a part of you.

Ayurveda Detox & Health Rituals Program

Restart your health, detox your body and establish the simple health routines that give you that deeper sense of connection and will put your health back in your hands knowing exactly what to do and when to do it so it intuitive and natural.


A specialty Yoga & Ayurveda Psychology course equivalent to a Yoga Teacher Training Intensive.  

Learn the tools to master the mind to gain freedom from impulsive choices and emotional reactions.  Transcend limiting beliefs, improve your relationships, master language of influence and discover how to live consistently from the heart.

Ayurveda for Devout Yogi's

For those who want to immerse themselves in Ayurveda, to learn how to live it intuitively, and share it with others.  This is a certification program that will enable you to teach others and acheive your own level of mastery.

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The Inner Game of Yoga

There is a very specific map of our spiritual growth that everyone travels regardless of tradition, religion or belief system.  When you know the map, can spot where you are it, you become empowered to know which practices to focus on, what pitfalls to look at for at your current stage and how to consciously navigate to the next stage.  A powerful course indeed

This course is offered on an individual basis providing one-on-one training.

Kriya Yoga Sadhana

Sadhana means spiritual discipline.  This program provides a delineated Sadhana as given by self-realized Baba's in India.  In this course you're shown a specific practice that enables you to experience steady tangible spiritual growth.  If you're focus is on Spiritual Growth, evolving your consciousness, and discovering this potential then The Kriya Yoga Sadhana will serve you.

This is offered on a limited basis.  It requires a free phone session to ensure you're the right fit.  

The Mentorship

It can been seen that no two spirit roads are the same. We each have a personal walk with Spirit and that walk is indeed, personal. It is unique for each of us.

We will tailor a program to your specific needs and focus.  Pull from the combination Ayurveda, Yoga, NLP, Totem Wisdom, Reiki, Shamanism and healing arts OR focus on specific goal or area of learning.  Every path is unique and here you'll get the core principles, how to apply them, and the support of an incredible teacher, healer and guide.

Introductory and Basic Skills Courses

These are our introductory courses that allows you to explore some deep processes on your own before going deeper with one of our Signature courses.  They are very impactful and like all our training, they are results based showing you exactly how to apply it and how to gauge your results as you do.

30 Day Mind Detox

A magical and inspirational 30 days!  Be guided over 30 days on how to cleanse the mind of negativity, mental blocks, and patterns stuck on auto-pilot.  Learn how to use the mind to breathe more clarity, connection, and confidence in life.  As your mind, so is your world.  Time for a Mind Detox to align your mind with the world that enlivens you.

Introduction to Deep Meditation

All things need rest yet the mind never rest.  In this beautifully inspired 4 week course, you discover how to lovingly lead your mind so you can rest in deep meditation within 30 minutes or less.  When you know the how, meditation becomes easy and extremely enjoyable

Establish Healthy Boundaries

Are you someone who gives and gives at the expense of your own needs?  Do you find yourself thrown off balance and always feel a step behind.  You can see how we all need healthy boundaries within our relationships, health, and life goals.  In this course, you discover how to do so, how you collapse your boundaries and how to effectively communicate so others naturally support you