Living Enlightenment Foundation

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Our Mission

To bring people together, to remind them of their beauty and sacredness, to inspire them to reach for their potential as spiritual beings living out these human lives and to live their unique expression of spirit without apology. This is my role and mission in life. That we may live with more compassion, understanding, and unconditional love as we set aside our differences and celebrate our sameness as Spirit.

My vision is to reveal a universal system of spiritual growth.  To provide a solid path that anyone can access to evolve into better human beings. It is to inspire the world to focus on inner growth of compassion, humility, understanding and mental-emotional stability.

It is to translate the teachings, rites of passages, rituals and practices that all cultures and traditions can agree upon and see will serve the greater good of mankind… to bring us all together, to motivate and inspire this radical transformation through self-liberation.