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Learn How to Experience Deep meditation within 30 days

A common struggle we often hear is with those who want to meditate but their mind chatter takes over, they become bored or fall asleep.  You recognize the importance of meditation, especially if you practice yoga and yet you just don't know how to have a consistent experience.

We'd love to show you how to lovingly lead your mind into meditation and how to guide others into deep meditative states with these techniques from the Himalayan Yoga Masters.

In this course Chivito breaks down the inside process of meditation and shows you an easy step-by-step method of comfortably resting in deep meditative states.  This is a technique that has been handed down from several great Meditation Masters of the Himalayas that was given to Chivito while he lived with his teachers there. 

Regardless of your experience level you'll be able to experience meditation if you apply these simple steps.

Chivito Shared "While I was up in the Himalayas I spent time with an old monk in a tiny village near the source of the Ganges River.  This tiny man spent hours upon hours comfortably in meditation despite the fact he only wore a thread bare cloth amongst the icy chill of the mountains.  One day, he said “All things need rest yet the mind never rest.  How could it," He continued, "when we never give it a place it wants to rest.”  He said  “The key to meditation is NOT in controlling your thoughts.  It’s in lovingly leading your thoughts to where they want to rest.  Once you know where to lead your mind, meditation becomes easy, extremely enjoyable and your body & mind align to support you."

"What they shared with me transformed my meditation practice and excelled my spiritual growth more than anything else I had done.  Amazing how something so simple can be so profoundly effective."  ~ Chivito Cowa

With inspiring tutorial videos, stories and guided meditations, this four week course gives you everything you need to experience deep meditation within 30 minutes or less.  You're given a very simple step-by step map, gain experience of the inner terrain, and gain the tools & know how to make this practice your own.  Learn to meditate and teach it others!

This course is for you if
*  You want to experience the relaxed and clear state of meditation
*  You want to increase your mental clarity, focus, and memory

*  You have a sincere interest in learning how to meditate on your own
* You want to have a simple daily practice that you can continue to cultivate and  grow within
*  You want to transform a cluttered, scattered mind into a clear, relaxed and focus tool that keeps you grounded.
*  You want to have clear direction, a known map, and the tools to experience deep states of meditation

This is an experience & results based course.  If you apply what you learn you'll be able to enjoy meditating for long periods of time.  What's more is you'll notice how you become more grounded & relaxed.  Suddenly things no longer bother you as much and you notice how much more effective you are.

"Before this training I could barely meditate for more than 10 minutes.  Now I'm excited for my meditation time and can easily do so for over 45 minutes.  It has become extremely enjoyable and it has made a huge difference in my life." Ashley, Seattle WA

"I started meditating for spiritual growth but I have found it has impacted how clear and focused I am.  I'm so much more grounded and present.  Life used to be a struggle and now I feel more on top of my life." Tom, Austin TX

Through Meditation we enter a much larger and less constrictive paradigm.  We begin to see things as they actually are and in that moment our hearts open.  We become more effective in our life, our relationships immensely improve and we feel more joyful... all because we are more present with life itself.

The Benefits of Meditating regularly are potent and immediate

  • Eliminate Stress
  • Reduce & even eliminate chronic pain
  • Improve digestion & health
  • No longer easily affected by people and things
  • Have more control of your thoughts
  • More grounded, feel more connected, are more confident
  • Have emotional & Mental Balance
  • More Balanced Energy
  • Naturally more joyful, light, and clear

Here's how it works & what it entails

This is a four week online workshop that guides you week-by-week in establishing a daily practice and more importantly experiencing the specific stages of meditation.

It's designed so you can access it from anywhere on any device so the course is readily available for you.  Go at your own speed, return to previous modules as often as you like, and you always have access to Chivito via a private FB group and Email.

1.  Purchase the course below &
gain immediate access
2.  Begin your first of four modules
3.  Watch the tutorial videos & read simple step-by-step instructions
4.  Practice 15-30 minutes a day
5.  Receive new module every 7 days that deliberately adds the next step so you are artfully guided into deeper and deeper states of meditation.  Each module builds upon the previous.


You gain access to an online forum where others are sharing their experience, challenging each other, and learning from one another.

You have email support to answer any questions. We're excited to be apart of your journey!

"I was pleasantly surprised by the course.  Chivito opens the mind with his enchanting stories in India that presents such a new and refreshing perspective.  The steps are super simple and Chivito's incites really do provide that secret sauce to experiencing deep meditation."  Jocelyn Australia

Week-By-Week Focus
Week 1

Discover how to prep your mind before even sitting down for meditation.  You'll learn the first step of leading your mind with a special breath and how to begin to absorb the mind in Meditation.  
 Week 2

Now that you know how to prep the mind and begin to lead it, this next week you'll discover how to lovingly lead the mind where it naturally wants to rest so you may quickly enter a state of meditation.  Very Yummy!
 Week 3

Meditation isn't a passive process that happens to you.  It's something you create within yourself.  This week you'll learn how to "Charge" your breath & mantra so that you naturally activate a state of meditation to naturally happen for you. You'll learn how not to strive to meditate but to allow.  Another delicious level of meditation. 
 Week 4

Now that you know how to prep the mind, know how to create the state of meditation, this week you bring it all together to deepen your whole experience. From here you'll know how to meditate on your own and continue to go deeper and deeper.  OM!!!
WE GUARANATEE RESULTS...  Chivito Is dedicated to creating a new standard of training that is results based.  He provides a refreshingly bold and direct approach and lays out simple step by step instruction to actually "experience" meditative states and puts the tools in your hands. Get results or get your money back.  We're 100% committed to your satisfication

This Four Week Course is on sale for a limited time.  Instead of $350 we're offering today for only $150.

We are dedicated and committed to making this training available to others so they too can experience these beautiful states of the heart and clarity of mind.

We provide a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.  If you apply what you learn you will get results.  If for some reason you don't connect with the material we'll happily refund your money.  We're 100% commited to creating results based training

How To Get Started:

Send us an email or schedule a private session with Chivito.  He'll be happy to dial you in and get you started.  [email protected]