Living Enlightenment Foundation

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Chivito Cowa

Since Chivito was Five years old he has had very special teachers guiding him, leading him, training him in the practices and principles he was later to discover are embodied in Kashmir Saivism and the universal principles of Shamanism.

There are few who give up everything to immerse them within these time honored traditions & lineages that have been handed down for thousands of years from Guru to student.  Chivito is one who dived in.  He sold everything owned and moved to India where he learned from the Masters themselves, interned with Ayurvedic Doctors in their clinics and in rural villages.  He traveled and lived with the wandering holymen and mystics  and continues to learn from them.

Chivito is founder of the Living Enlightenment Foundation, is co-creator of the Yoga Teacher Training & Ayurveda Program at Hari Om Ashram in Puskar India, is part of the National Ayurveda Medical Association (NAMA), and has operated multiple retreat and yoga centers.

"Chivito is one of those hidden gems you just hope to find and once you find him you can't believe you did.  If you find him, take advantage of your time with him."  ~ Gretchen