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Ayurveda Detox & Ritual Course

A mind free from negativity, a body in balance, a heart that is open and one in alignment with one's Dharma (life path).  This is the Definition of Health given by Ayurveda

This is a Specialized 6 Week Ayurveda-Yoga Training that detoxes the body, leads you into an Ayurveda-Yoga rhythm of life and gives you the tools to know what to do and how to do it so you may EASILY maintain your balance and vitality on your own.  This course is about putting your health firmly in your hands!

From this Program you will:
  • Establish a foundation of balance, connection and vitality that’s intuitive
  • Be guided through a 5 week Ayurveda Cleanse
  • Give you the core principles and a clear frame of reference so you ALWAYS know what to do and when to do it.
  • Discover an easy method of knowing what’s creating an imbalance physically, mentally or emotionally and how to use food, yoga, or rituals to stay balance.
  • In short, you are personally guided over a 6 week journey of stepping into rhythm with your body and establishing a strong foundation of balance & vitality that will allow you to go deeper into your yoga experience and excel in life.  We're honored to share with you.

We're on a mission to help everyday people with busy lives elevate their health and provide the tools & wisdom to be more at ease in life...  To discover that sacred rhythm of living from a heightened level of connection and vitality.

 It is said that Yoga is the ocean and Ayurveda are the waves within the ocean.  Other times it is said Ayurveda is the ocean and yoga the waves.  As my teachers haves shared one cannot exist without the other. Ayurveda provides a simple common sense methodology of living connected and provides the tools & awareness of knowing what to do and when to do it. 

With the Ayurveda Detox & Ritual program we will literally walk you step-by-step in becoming and living this sacred rhythm.  This isn't knowledge you learn, it's wisdom you become.

This Opportunity is for you if:
*   If you are committed and have a genuine interest in putting your health and balance in your own hands

*  You want to not only Detox your body but learn how to consistently live in balance

* You're willing to no longer tolerate anything that throws you off-balance

*  You want a step-by-step proven map and someone who can confidently guide you


If this sounds like you, apply below to secure your Free one-on-one consultation.  Chivito will spend 30 minutes with you to discuss if this is the right fit for you.  This session is an eye opening one-on-one collaboration of discovering where you are, where you sincerely want to be, what's been blocking you and what you can do to step into your vision of health.  We are very specific with who we work with.

However, establishing a platform of health and balance is only part of it...

This Program is designed to:
*  Detox your body, mind and heart
*  Help you align with your ideal weight
*  Take care of cellulite and give you healthy glowing skin
*  Establish a healthy digestion
*  Provide you the tools, knowledge, and skills to live your own sacred rhythm and even help others find their own


*  End your stress and worry about health, diet, and being in balance
*  Give you an exact system you can use over and over again and be your guiding post during the mayhemic dance of life
*  Give you a solid reliable frame of reference for body, mind and heart
*  Allow you to focus on what's important to you in life and approach life from a deeply connected, intuned, and aware space

START THIS MONTH!  This is only for those who are ready to make themselves and their inner sacred connection a priority and are committed to excelling in their health & yoga.

Emails us to book your free session [email protected]