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"Once in a great while we encounter someone who is the kind of teacher, healer, and guide that enables us to transcend our blocks and begin to experience our own self-mastery.  Chivito Cowa is one of those teachers.  Take advantage of the opportunity to work with him"  ~Gretchen

More than a Yoga & Ayurveda School, our courses provide results-based training so one may be able to tangibly gauge their progress and intuitively "BE" leaders of change.   After all, “This isn’t knowledge you learn, it’s wisdom you become.”  

We provide you the training to actualize the core principles of Yoga & Ayurveda so they’re a natural part of your intuitive thinking process. We provide you the training in Ayurveda, Yoga Psychology, Detox and Rituals, The Inner Game of Yoga, developing compassion, Mediation and taking control of your mind.

If you consider how the primary expressions of our Yoga & Ayurveda growth is not in how well we perform an asana but in our ability to be grounded within ourselves with a heightened level of compassion, understanding and gratitude, you can see how our growth is based on us growing into better human beings.  The more awake and grounded within you become, the more compassionate, caring, and confident in life you are.  One can become very successful in a career, have multiple degrees and everything they want and yet be unhappy and stuck in a self-defeating loop that keeps them wanting.   However, one can also have all those things and be happy, connected and grounded within themselves and fully awake.  

You can clearly see how there is hence a very tangible map to our growth and development. Do you know where you are and what your next step is?

Our programs are for yoga teachers and devout students whose primary focus is Self-Mastery and serving others.  

We’re looking for yoga teachers and devout students who want to be leaders within their community by embodying the yoga & Ayurveda principles.  We're looking for those who want to evolve within themselves that they may be a clearer channel to be of service to others. There are asana facilitators and then there are Yoga instructors who know how to provide those subtle principles that deepen their class experience because they themselves have mastered them.

Chivito breaks down Ayurveda, Yoga Psychology and Meditation into easy to “live” methods so you experience having more control, balance, and an overall ability to thrive. He gracefully shows how to have more compassion, kindness and gratitude in life giving you the HOW, Challenging you to apply it and shows you how to gauge your results in REAL-TIME. 


Enroll in a Program

We offer a select few programs that provide a genuine immersion.  We focus on Application rather than theory.  Here, Life itself is the training ground and we show you how live from your heart with a greater sense of connection so it's the norm rather than the exception.  Learn how to Meditate, to balance the mind or live in balance.

Begin with a private Session

Chivito's provides such a comfortable space while asking just the write questions to artfully lead you past your limitations so you can experience genuine growth.  Check out his signature sessions and be sure to take advantage of them while he's in your area.  You'll be glad you did.

VIP Sessions & Retreats

Schedule your own personal retreat, full day or half day immersion and get the personal attention of Chivito himself.  This is by far the most effective route to go deep fast and jump start you on the right path.  They're full of storytelling, practical wisdom, and provides the space for your own growth to occur.

One of Chivito's greatest offerings is his writings.  They are inspirational, instructional, and have a way of reminding us of our own potential within this moment.  Enjoy


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